An Evening with The Carter Boys

Tonight we got outside and played with the water table. Its been almost 90 for the last couple of days, but the pool is still a bit cold. 
Brooks threw water in the air for about 15 minutes trying to out-do himself.

And then he tried to hit me. He did get his brother. And then he had a time out.

He regrouped and continued practicing his water-throwing skills. You never know when you need to use those skills.

Big surprise, Silas found something to put in his mouth.

Back inside, I got a chance to take some pictures of Brooks. This is unusual because he never stops moving.

And now the many faces of Brooks. When asked to make happy, silly, etc., these are his responses . .  .

Happy – we are still working on his smile


Laughing at his silly face

Silly again – he does this one a lot



Scared – both surprise and scared look the same, but he likes us to ask them both anyway.
Oh, my boys.

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