10 Months

Happy 10 month to my Silas.
 In honor of Silas’ 10 month birthday, I thought it would be fun to post pictures of his ten favorite things.
1. Tearing paper – this never gets old.
I have an old phone book that I give him if he’s in the mood to tear something. The only problem is I have to watch him or he would eat the paper afterwards.
2. Climbing
3. He loves the letters on the fridge.
4. Paci, Paci, Paci
5. Brother – this could be his favorite.
6. Eating – or maybe this is his favorite.
Silas eats like no one is watching. He crams food in his mouth. His whole body shakes and moves with each bite.
7. Pulling up on anything
8. Momma
9. Bike or Stroller Rides.
In this picture Brooks was helping Silas put his paci back in while saying, “I help you.”
And in this picture Brooks was giving Silas a high five. He told us that he was giving him a “5-6-7-8-9-10.”
As Mark was driving away, he said “this could be the best $45 that I have ever spent.” ($10 for the bike trailer and $35 for the bike)
Now back to the list . . .
9. Bath Time!
Silas loves the bath.
And number 10 is nursing and I don’t think we need a picture of that.
Happy 10 months sweet boy!

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