Easter Weekend

As I was downloading pictures to the blog, I realized that we must have had a lot of fun this weekend because I have posted 29 pictures!  So instead of explaining every single shot, I’ll just tell you my family was in town (including my precious niece LaLa) and we spent some fun time at the park, hunting for eggs, and lookin’ good for church.

Notice, Silas is missing a sock because apparently the right one tastes better than the left one.

Neighborhood kids (and Grammy) line up for the hunt.  Brooks is in blue in front of Grammy.

LaLa got a pack of nerds

and we think Brooks got a lot of jelly beans, but we aren’t sure because this kept on happening.

In case you are wondering, Silas was at home napping.

Brooks wanted to hold both of our hands and once again, Silas was napping.

I couldn’t get a great picture of Brooks so I’ve included a couple of action shots.

Silas in the car napping instead of posing for Easter pictures.

We still have not perfected the family shot.  After about 10 pictures, we called it a day.

I had food in my teeth. 

I wasn’t looking at the camera.

Brooks has recently been fascinated with my hair.

Believe it or not this was the best one.

Thankfully I got some good pictures with Silas.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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