Just Because

Here’s some pictures just because . . .  its a Wednesday . . . Silas had his first taste of cake and spaghetti and got his first trim . . . Brooks got a new (garage-sale new) car table and looked so darn cute in a bike helmet with his boots . . . and I refinished a fabulous new table.  
Example of Silas putting an object in his mouth.  Have you noticed most pictures I post of him he is either drooling with his mouth open, has an object in his mouth, or has a paci?  As Brooks would say, while giggling, “Oh Silas.”

Not sure if you can tell, but Brooks is sitting in the middle of his new race car track. Tonight we promised him (so he would go to bed) he could go downstairs to play with his cars tomorrow.

Mark bought this table for me at a yard sale last year for about $5.  Today I finally finished it.

I painted it a couple shades lighter than my walls and found this gorgeous drawer pull that perfectly completed my “new” side table.

Silas got his first taste of cake and spaghetti today and he loved it! Not like that is a big surprise. I love this stage even though its really messy.

Look at Brooks in the back. He had his mouth full of cake and cookies. In case you are wondering why my babes are enjoying these sweets for their snacks . . . Mimi is in town! She is on spring break so she was kind enough to let me have a spring break of sorts. Tonight she did my dishes and laundry and let me go on a run, which basically means I’m on vacation. Not to make you too jealous, but she walked my boys around the mall today so I could shop solo. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty awesome.

Today was 90! So we were out in the yard and working on the pool – its actually swim-ready even though its April. We may be swimming for Easter. Brooks wanted to hang out in the wagon in full gear – boots and a helmet.

He ended up taking a short rest – playing with Mimi has worn him out. Or maybe it was the 5:45am wake up?

Here is Silas with the spaghetti. I’ll let the pictures tell the story. These pictures were after the his first trim around the ears and the bangs.  He was getting a bit shaggy.

Bon Appetit!

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