Its Spring! (and Silas is 9 mths)

It feels like it has been spring/summer for well over a month.  I think I wore my winter coat maybe 3 times this winter.  It was way too warm and not much like winter at all, but since there is probably zero chance that we will have snow in March I have no choice but to embrace spring.
We have been out in the yard most days.  Brooks is always tagging along with his gardening equipment.

He helps us move mulch . . .

he asks plenty of questions and offers advice . . .

he fills up the watering cans . . .

and sometimes spills them.  Its nice that he is so content outdoors with his dad so I can get a break inside.
Speaking of spring, look what it has done to my backyard.  The yellow stuff is pollen.  It has covered EVERYTHING! It is disgusting and I really hope it rains soon.
Silas is now 9 months.  I can’t believe it but its true.  He now has 6 teeth!  
Brooks has been asking to hold Silas a lot lately so I thought I would use this opportunity to take some brother pictures.

This usually starts out well and then  . . .

Silas decides he would rather be in my lap than Brooks’.

Brooks tries to help by tickling . . .

but Silas doesn’t think its that funny.

Then Brooks tries some friendly wrestling . . .

definitely not working.

They are going to have so much fun together.

Silas still likes the bath  . . 

and is still putting everything in his mouth.  
He is long and skinny (around 97th percentile for height and 25th -50th for weight) and he is now enjoying mostly finger foods (his favorite is still Cheerios). 
Have a great weekend!

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