Silas is 8 months

Silas puts everything in his mouth. Everything.

He is very drooly. (Is this even a word? Yes, the internet says it is so it must be. Right?)

I would like to say its because of teeth, but I think Silas just likes to have something in his mouth at all times.

Hopefully he will get over this before he starts school.

During this picture shoot, he was dying to get his mouth on the camera or me.  Not sure which one.  Every inch I took back, he would inch forward. Oh, did I mention he is crawling?  (Kinda, army crawling counts right?)

I finally found his paci!

And he slowly backed off.
Health Update: Both boys’ ears are okay.  Silas still has his persistent cold and Brooks vomited a few times this week, so I guess everything is normal. 

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