I’m in Love

Here’s a glimpse into my kitchen this morning.
Silas contently gnawed on his mum mum (after a war, in which he won, with the apricots)
while Brooks happily painted Valentines.
Everyone was having a great time.
Do you see his teeth?
In case you missed them . . .
Brooks was so happy with his pictures.

He figured out if he put his hand flat on the paper he could see another hand on the paper.

Those precious hands.
(This is the only picture of Silas’ hand that wasn’t blurry).
The finished product.  
It was one of those mornings that I wanted to file away forever.  Birds were singing and music was playing in the background.  I was caught in a moment and I was in love.  And then Brooks peed in the bathtub. Things went blurry after that and life returned back to normal.

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