Visit to Aunt B’s

Brooks is adding new words to his vocabulary every day.  I’m constantly amazed at the words and phrases he comes up with.  Last week Mark was asked, “What makes you laugh?” and he said, “Brooks.”  He really is a funny outgoing little character which is how I imagine Mark was at 2.  I, on the other hand, was more cautious and serious.  So he definitely has his dad’s personality.  Recently, he has started to change the subject of the conversation if it is something he doesn’t want to talk about, like pooping in his pants.  When asked, “Brooks, why didn’t you go in the potty?”  he will respond with, “Silas poop in pants” or he will want to talk about the turtle tent or even the wall. Anything that will avoid the issue at hand.  I know I will not remember every little thing he does, but at least I have this blog to write some of it down.
One of our bedtime and nap time routines is to pray and give thanks for people in our lives.  So we will ask Brooks who should we pray for and he then lists every person he knows, especially a preschool friend named Walker and Aunt B.  Aunt B is my sister Bre. She has now moved just 2 hours south of us and we are really loving her being so close and does Brooks.  Last weekend, we purchased a new car (more on that later).  The car was in D.C. so Mark headed north and I headed south to Aunt B’s.

I forgot a booster seat.

Brooks occupied himself with all of her pots and pans.
Aunt B and Brooks
Not too far from her house was a peach and pecan orchard.  
There were no peaches, but we still had fun at the gift shop.
Silas looks weird in this picture, but it was the only one I had of him without his paci.

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