Silas Has Teeth?

This was my question or should I say surprised statement to the doctor as she examined Silas’ mouth last week.  Our appointment was the typical two-week-after-the-ear-infection-making-sure-everything-is-okay-appointment.  Coincidentally, we were also there because Brooks had crusty-eye.  It was an eventful visit because Silas was clear of infection -yeah!- and as it turned out cut two little teeth on the bottom front over New Year’s – and I thought he was waking because he was hungry.  Also, Brooks had pink-eye which was brought on because of a double ear infection.  What?  How can this happen?  I thought we were done with ear infections for Brooks.  So we went home with three prescriptions – eye drops and antibiotics for Brooks and diaper rash cream for Silas.  Apparently the stuff that Silas got over New Year’s was so powerful it killed off the good stuff that protects him from diaper rash.  All this to say, I can’t believe I missed Silas getting his first two teeth. 
Good news is, we are currently healthy.  And as far as I’m aware, Silas still has only two teeth.  
The boys have really started to play together.  
Even today, Brooks woke up asking for Silas.
I still have to protect my little man from flying objects and body parts . . .
but it is happening less often.
Last week, Mark scored a $10 bike trailer from Goodwill.
He was so happy with his purchase that we used it twice this weekend.
And the boys love it, too.  Brooks keeps his hands off Silas and Silas sleeps the whole time.  And Momma and Daddy get some much needed exercise.  

This Christmas, Brooks got a tent.
Not any old tent, but a turtle tent. 
I decided to set it up yesterday in the living room because the boys needed a distraction and I needed a break.
Brooks’ favorite part is hanging out with Silas in the tent.  He thinks its pretty funny seeing Silas playing in the tent.
He has also found a new potty place in the tent.  He likes to hide and poop in his diaper or underwear while he is playing inside.  This has been the only downside to this new toy.  Speaking of which we are almost potty-trained.  I say almost because pooping on the potty is not a regular occurrence. (I apologize if you were completely grossed out by the last paragraph.)
As we are flying through milestones, I am trying to catch my breathe to keep up with these boys.

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