5 Months!

Hey . . .  guess what – I’m 5 months!

Yes, he is almost 6 months by now but I needed an excuse to post these pictures.  Even though Silas is more reserved, quiet, and laid back then big brother he has a very silly, goofy side.  This precious personality comes out usually when brother isn’t around.  He could spend at least hour talking, flirting, and laughing at himself or Momma in the mirror.  I love how he bashfully looks down when someone grins at him (see below) or how he can make big brother laugh by just smiling at him.

There are moments when I cry (or all three of us are crying for Daddy) because I don’t think I can give anymore of myself or my time, but those moments are fleeting.  I am reminded everyday of how amazing my boys are and how much love I can have for two special little men.  
Oh, and Silas is sleeping through the night!  

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