Happy Christmas, Merry Thanksgiving

This was our year to spend Thanksgiving in Illinois with my family and then Christmas in North Carolina with Mark’s.  So we thought we would save on postage and shipping and just open our presents on Thanksgiving with my family.  And if we are opening Christmas presents then we might as well have Christmas dinner too.
Papa with Alanaa and Silas.
Brooks couldn’t stand these two getting all the attention.  If you were to hang out with us for the day, you would most likely hear me say the following phrases multiple times: “Brooks stop touching your brother” or “Brooks your brother doesn’t like that” or my favorite “Brooks I think your brother is done with the hugs.” 

These two love their pacis.
My niece has a lot of personality already.
Mark turned 30 and got to enjoy the cake that ended my affair with dairy (temporarily).
We had to hide the cake during the meal because Brooks LOVES cake.  I think it was one of the first 10 words he could say.
Glorious pies!  My grandmother made not one, but two delicious dairy-free mini pies.  She substituted olive oil for butter in the pecan pie. 
Everything was amazing.  Thanks to my thoughtful family, I didn’t feel like I was missing out.

We had so much to be thankful for.
The next afternoon we celebrated Christmas.  We attempted to take some family shots but you can probably guess how those turned out.

This one wasn’t so bad.
Silas is still a happy content little guy.  I feel so blessed.

And Brooks is still my spirited, funny 2 year old.
Because everyone was in their Christmas best we took some family pictures.
Proud Papa.  If you are wondering how Brooks is behind the chair, he was sitting on Mark’s shoulders.

Alanaa was hungry during our photo shoot so she got the bottle in between takes.
What did I say – this girl has lots of personality.
This was really the first Christmas Brooks needed very little help or prompting to open presents – it was a lot of fun.
Thanks Illinois family for showing us once again another great holiday!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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