What We’ve Been Up To

We’ve been busy.  On Saturday we attended our first neighborhood low country boil and oyster roast.

A low country boil is essentially corn, potatoes, kielbasa, and shrimp thrown into a pot with some old bay seasoning.  It was delightful!  
Brooks had fun

and so did Silas.
Steamed Oysters 
Our shuckin’ crew
Earlier that morning, I took Brooks to a cooking class at Salud, a cooking school at Whole Foods.  It was a special class for preschoolers.  We made all kinds of fall treats.

This is Sullivan.  He’s one of Brooks’ buddies.  They get in all kinds of mischief together.
One of the fall treats we made were popcorn balls.

They were pretty easy to make
and Brooks loved them!  
We also made meringue bones.

Look how cute he is in an apron.
Speaking of food, Silas is eating cereal.

Look at those cheeks!

I was really impressed by this guy’s appetite.  He took his first bite (pictured above) with no gags, cries, or complaints.  Do you remember Brooks’ reaction?
Since we’ve been doing cereal he has also started to sleep a little better.  Not sure if the cereal is helping or he is learning to sleep and nap better. Whatever is happening I hope it doesn’t stop.

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