Pumpkin Love

After a few crazy, warm weeks in Illinois, I was ready to be in my own house. I had mounds of laundry, presents to hide from Brooks, and bags of random things that needed to be put back in their places. We also had doctors appointments. As it turns out, Silas, my happy baby, is dairy intolerant and so like Brooks, I have decided to give up dairy so I can keep nursing. It was sad to find out, but at least this time I have some recipes and experience.
After doing about 10 loads of laundry and finally getting things somewhat in order, I thought its time to prepare for fall. I love holidays and celebrating anything. So I thought it only appropriate that we should have pumpkin pancakes to celebrate the beginning of fall and the pumpkin patch.

When I got up on Saturday morning, I got out the pancake mix and realized that there was dairy in the ingredient list. I would have to make pancakes from scratch. Turns out its not that hard. Here’s the recipe I used. These pancakes were so good I made them again the next morning.

Brooks loved them too because he got to use his favorite phrase, “hot cakes.”
After breakfast we headed down the road to a church selling pumpkins for their youth mission trip. I had the intention of going to a pumpkin farm and getting apples and mums, but because of the kiddos we opted for Trader Joe’s for the apples, Home Depot for the mums, and Sugarloaf Methodist for the pumpkins. I can do the farm next year.

After much work (Mark did most of it), our porch finally looked ready for Tricker-Treaters (this will be our first year).

Did you notice what’s in Brooks’ mouth? He likes to tease his brother.

I told Brooks to hold his hand. I must have not been clear because Brooks took it to mean pull my brother’s arm and then push him into the planter (I did have pictures of this, but did not think I should add them because I want my children to look like they love each other).

Notice how much closer Silas is to the planter in this picture.

My baby Silas cheesing it up in the back.
Happy Fall!

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Love

  1. I LOVE weird looking pumpkins! Curt always makes fun of me for picking the warty ones and the funky colors. I think they are so fun. Someone needs to love them and take them home!!! Miss you guys. The boys are just adorable.

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