Illinois: Part 3

The last part of our journey was back in Pinckneyville at Great-Grandma and Grandpa Dempsays. It was awesome to be able to show my little ones memories from my childhood.

He is now obsessed with tractors, trucks, and boats – really anything involved with transportation.

What is not included in this picture is Brooks’ naked body. I had taken a shower, gotten out and couldn’t find Brooks. I found him on the back porch with Great – Grandma naked eating pears from her tree.

One of the benefits of being woken up at 6am or early every morning.

Brooks developed a bad habit while we were gone.
And now the party. We had a family party to celebrate the 2nd birthday of the cutest choo-choo boy I know.

I had seen a blog on creating a Thomas birthday without a lot of Thomas. I loved it. My mom, Aunt, and me spent most of the day on Saturday trying to get it all together. It really turned out adorable and he had a great time.

We had several jars of candy on the treats table. I would say that Brooks snuck candy the entire party, but hey, it was his party. Turns out he really likes Sour Cherries.

Great-Grandma Clark with two great-grandbabies. Sawyer is 2 weeks older than Silas.

Great-Grandpa Dempsay. My Silas was named after his Grandfather Silas.

Brooks got a lot of rides on golf carts. No wonder he loves cars.

Finally a family shot with everyone looking and no one throwing a fit. Thank You Illinois family and friends for hosting us! We had a wonderful time!
When we got home, we had our own party on his real birthday.

His favorite meal on the “You Are Special Today” plate.

Happy 2nd Birthday Little Man!

One thought on “Illinois: Part 3

  1. I just love this blog spot. I look every day for new pictures. There are some great pictures on the blog. We had a blast visiting with our little guys. Thanks. Grammy

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