Best of Both Worlds

We didn’t get a lot of time this summer to do a big vacation so we took two small ones – one in the Georgia mountains and the other to the beach in Florida.
Taking both kids camping in the middle of nowhere with no showers and no bathrooms was a scary challenge for me.

But we did it and had a lot of fun!

We played football


swam while Silas napped in his box and fished. The only negative about the whole trip was how much stuff we had to carry in for the boys.

This was the only way we could keep track of Brooks while we took down camp. We hope to do several more camping adventures next year.
This past weekend we went to Port St. Joe, FL unfortunately so did Tropical Storm Lee.

Luckily there were a few things to keep us busy.

Brooks loves trains and was so excited to see one up close. He repeated “choo-choo” about 50 times in under 10 minutes.

We did manage to make it to the beach before the really bad weather hit. This is my niece Alanaa. She was born 6 weeks before Silas.

Brooks wasn’t crazy about the water, but he loved the birds and the shells.

Silas hung out in his own tent. What an awesome invention! (thanks Shellie for giving us the idea!)

There were some people fishing and caught a few fish. They even caught a shark.

After our time at the beach, the rain started and didn’t let up until the next day.

Because of the rain, we got a chance to hang out with cousins and take some pictures.

We added Brooks and things got a bit louder. We quickly removed him and took some more pictures of the babies.

We had a great weekend (even with Brooks’ 4:30am wake-up calls).

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