Potty Training

Brooks has been showing all the signs that he is ready to sit on the potty. So I read the books, bought the underwear (Thomas the Tank Engine – his favorite), and the special potty seat. We discussed what words we would use when it was potty time and how to encourage him to sit on the potty. After a full day of no diapers (and many accidents), I was talking to the doctor during Silas’ appointment about potty training my toddler (I was hoping that she would be impressed by my decision to do it early) and was surprised to hear her say, “its not going to work.” In her many years of practicing, she had only seen 5% of her male patients train before the age of 30 months. After the appointment I decided not to feel defeated, but relieved. We had such a hard day of training and I really didn’t want to do another day. So after hearing the doctor’s opinion, we decided to stop the hardcore training and approach it again when he turns two.
During potty training, Brooks discovered the mirror. After each “potty time,” Brooks used the stool in the bathroom to wash his hands. Because he was on the stool he could see himself in the mirror and he realized this was another chance to make someone laugh. He then started posing, making faces, and noises to entertain himself. It was so funny I video tapped it. I tried to upload it on the blog, but it didn’t work. Here’s the link on youtube. Enjoy!

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