One Month

We have survived one month. Time has truly flown by.

This little guy is beginning to put on the pounds. At his one month, he weighed 10lbs 14oz (69%) and was 23 1/4 long (89%). He is in great health and his reflux seems to be under control.

He is definitely looking less like his brother the older he gets. I think he will have blonde hair when he gets older.

I love his big feet!

This weekend he got his first dip in the pool. We only put him in up to his knees because I didn’t have a swim diaper. I was surprised that he didn’t flinch when placed in the water.

Brooks, like usual, was fascinated by his hat and wanted to splash him. They are going to have so much fun together when Silas is able to defend himself.
Also, Silas is rolling from his belly to his back. I couldn’t believe the first time he did it, so I put him back on his belly and he did it again. The second time I caught it on video.

3 thoughts on “One Month

  1. Tara, you are so right; Silas looks like the Carter-side and Brooks like the Clark-side. They are both very handsome, if I say so myself. The next baby will be a combination of both of you. Grammy

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