Back in the Swing

As each week passes, we are able to get more to do items done despite having two little ones under two.

One of my “to do” items for last week was to freeze peaches. I LOVE! peaches. This is the only time of year I buy them so when they are in season I can’t get enough. I always get more than I need so I can save them for winter. I really don’t like freezing them, but I know I will be thankful in several months that I took the time.

Another “to do” was to get Silas into cloth diapers. I had to wash them about 3 times before actually using them. Once that process was over, I found that they are really great. I’m so glad we made the investment.

Plus no one looks quite as good in Kermit green as this little man. Who doesn’t love a baby with a big green bum?

And this last big task was one we had put off for at least two months. It took most of the afternoon. Luckily Brooks was asleep for most of it or we wouldn’t have gotten it done.

Mark and I had bought a cool dining set at a yard sale when we lived in D.C. with the intention of covering the seats.

We finally did it. I know it doesn’t sound hard, but because of the way the legs were attached it made it slightly more difficult than your regular dining chair.

They turned out amazing!

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