Little Helper

We have basil! and loads of it!

I decided I wanted to make pesto for dinner and Brooks really wanted to help. I was hesitant at first, but after I showed him what I was doing he made the perfect helper.

The only problem was he couldn’t stop eating it.

Since pesto making went so well, I thought why not laundry?

He once again did a great job helping me load and unload the clothes. He found this bonnet in the laundry that is obviously for a newborn (see above picture) but he insisted on wearing it.

2 thoughts on “Little Helper

  1. Hey Tara! looks like things are going well! If you'd like to bring Brooks over not next week but the following for a play date one morning let me know. We're pretty open those mornings!

  2. I love that Brooks, he just cracks me up. He will eat anything. What a great brother he will be with his baby Silas. Silas does look like his brother. They are very handsome boys and you are doing an awesome job with them. Love Grammy

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