What’s In a Name?

Picking out a significant, cool but not too trendy, strong, not too difficult to pronounce, and classic name is a difficult task. One that we put off for about 37 weeks when we finally started to discuss names. Over the last few weeks we figured once we saw the baby the name would soon follow. We were wrong. We went back and forth between several names for the first day of this little guy’s life. It wasn’t until this evening when the birth certificate lady came around for the second time that we realized we needed to decide on a name and stick with it.
So I would like to officially introduce . . . Silas Dempsay Carter.

Once again we stuck with the family names. Silas is the name of my (Tara) great great grandfather and is also a Biblical name. We liked that Silas was a friend of Paul’s in the Bible. Our prayer for this little one is that he may someday follow Christ’s calling for his life. Silas is also a name that Mark had chosen earlier on during the whole naming process. Dempsay is my mother’s maiden name and a name that we both liked from the beginning.

2 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. LOOOOVE the name, Tara! So so excited for you guys! My boys are having so much fun playing together this Summer – you are truly going to love it :).

  2. I love the name!!! That was one the I thought about for Sawyer. He is so crazy cute. Prayers for good eating, rest and Brooks. Take care guys!

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