The Hunt

After our trip to D.C. we pulled up to our house to find a “Yard of the Month” sign in front of our mailbox. Mark and I couldn’t believe that our house would be picked for this award. We figure its because a year ago (before we moved in) our grass was up to your waist. So our award should have been “Most Improved.” We were proud to be recognized, especially Mark since he is the one that put in all the hard work.

On Sunday, a nearby park hosted an egg hunt. When we arrived, Brooks was out.

As soon as he heard the music and opened his eyes and saw all the kids, he was wide awake.

These are his dance moves – running in circles. Sometimes we may get a little hip or head action, but usually its just running in circles with enthusiasm.

Its getting harder to take pictures of Brooks especially after waiting for over an hour for the eggs.

We were surprised at how quickly he caught on to the idea of hunting eggs.

On our way back home, Brooks opened all his eggs. He was asleep within 30 seconds of this picture.

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