Alissa’s Shower

Last week Brooks and I left dad at home and headed north to Illinois to celebrate my youngest sister’s baby shower. It was a long drive (around 11 hours). Luckily we just purchased a portable dvd player which made the trip a little easier.

It was so nice to wake up to blueberry pancakes.

As much as I love the mild winters in Georgia, I miss waking up to the snow. Not sure if you can see, but there was ice on all the trees. It looked like ice crystals that you put on your Christmas tree. It was beautiful.

I thought this progression of pictures was funny. Brooks looooves animals and my Grandmother’s cat Ruby loves people, but Brooks got a little too close. After the last picture she jumped up and ran to another bed.

Since Brooks was a little guy, Mark and I have been giving him haircuts. Usually they turn out to be lopsided with large chunks in random places. It usually looks pretty sad. Mom decided he needed a proper cut. So here he is getting his first official haircut.
The sucker was a great distraction.

He even got a certificate saying he was officially a big boy. Unfortunately he wasn’t too happy. So I tried to take another shot the next day . . .

Well at least we have the picture that shows he was happy during the cut.

That weekend my mom, me, and my sister Breana hosted a beautiful shower for my other sister Alissa. She is due only 6 weeks before me and she is having a girl. My mom did an amazing job with the food, diaper cakes, and decorations.

Don’t the cupcakes look delicious?

She got some beautiful presents.
Even though the shower was for Alissa, Brooks still got a lot of attention.

Here she is, the star of the party. This picture perfectly describes her without any words.

The party was also a wonderful time to visit with family.

We had a wonderful time seeing friends and family and look forward to the arrival of little Alanaa Marie in May.

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