Snow in Atlanta

This weekend we had some cold weather so we were stuck inside. Plus, we all had the sniffles. So I had to find ways for us to stay entertained.
As a way of keeping him entertained while I cook, I have been giving him his own bowl. He usually stays occupied for at least 5 minutes.

We’ve also been playing alot with our many riding toys.

Then on Saturday we found out we would be getting some snow the next night. I thought maybe an inch or two, but then it started snowing and it didn’t stop for several hours.

And this is what we woke up to on Monday.

Mark didn’t have to work, so we headed outside for Brooks’ first time sledding. Yes, he has plastic bags on his feet. I didn’t think we would be needing boots in Atlanta.

He wasn’t as crazy about sledding or the snow as we were hoping. Maybe we can hope for a better time next winter.

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