Happy 2011

During our New Year’s holiday we . . .

took a walk around the University of Georgia’s campus (maybe one of my Southern readers can fill me in on why the Civil War is referred to as “the war of Northern Aggression” and “the war for Southern Independence”) . . .

went to a trout hatchery down the road . . .

went shopping and had a few neighbors over for the traditional black-eyed pea New Year’s meal. It was a fun weekend.
In other news,
Brooks really likes to wear hats. He has started to put on our hats without our assistance. He also has started to carry around the camera case on his shoulder. He feels pretty big when he’s wearing his hat and the bag.

One thought on “Happy 2011

  1. ooh what camera did you end up getting? as far as war of southern independence, i think partly they wanted to be independent from the north so they could keep their slaves? that's my best guess. i should ask dennis.

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