A Visit to Santa

This year Brooks got to visit Santa at the “North Pole” (Bass Pro – they had free pictures and a whole Winter Wonderland).
He did awesome – no tears or screams. We were also impressed by the Santa because he had a real beard and actually resembled St. Nick. Really, all of us were in awe of the whole experience. If you notice in the background there are stuffed elk.
Grammy and Papa

There was a train track, a cookie decorating station, stuffed animals, and a race car track. Brooks was mesmerized.

Also, Brooks is walking. He has been for the last couple weeks. Even though he is very capable of walking, he still chooses to crawl as his primary form of transportation.

He loved the miniature ATV.

At the end of our Santa experience, we took Brooks to see the fish. He still isn’t interested, but he loves to watch all the people who come to see the fish.

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