Lately I haven’t really been in the mood for cooking. Everything makes me sick and I would rather make a run to Chik-fil-A than to sit down and plan a menu. So inspiration has been limited for a new recipe or ingredients until I was invited to a cookie exchange. When trying to decide what to make for the party, I decided to try marshmallows. I had seen recipes on this delectable treat, but I was afraid to try it because it involved a candy thermometer and hot sugar – two things that scare me. After studying a couple recipes and going over my game plan, I felt I was ready for the challenge. As it turns out, making homemade marshmallows is easier than making cookies. This is the recipe I used. I included pictures in this post of every part of the process to make it easier if you decide to attempt it. I made two flavors, cinnamon and vanilla*. They are great to snack on or put in your hot cocoa or coffee.

The gelatin and cold water awaiting the melted sugar

melted sugar almost to the 240 mark – this process took a bit longer than the recipe because I have an electric stove

the sugar and gelatin combine
The next morning they were firm enough to flip out of the pan and cut. It made around 50 marshmallows a batch.

*The cinnamon I used was called Ceylon cinnamon. It is supposed to be a sweeter, milder cinnamon. I ground it into a powder and added it along with a 1 tsp of vanilla at the end. For the vanilla, 2 vanilla beans and 1-2 tsp of vanilla.

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