Happy Birthday Mark!

My ideas are usually great in theory, but in practice things don’t always work out the way I plan. Mark’s birthday was this past Monday and I had the great idea of making his favorite cake and then decorating it with Brooks. After setting the cake on the ground in front of Brooks I quickly realized what a horrible idea this was. I also realized that I had no piping tip to put the frosting on the cake.
Here we are beginning to ice the cookie cake. Brooks was fascinated by the soft brown spots (chocolate chips) and began scooping them out of the cake with his fingers. The white frosting went next.
This was Brooks’ reaction to my decision to decorate the cake on my own.

This was the end result. So it ended up to be a mess and the cake didn’t look so great, but it was a fun memory and we had a happy daddy at the end of the day. Happy 29th Mark!

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