Today I had eaten a peanut butter chocolate truffle. Inside the wrapper was some melted chocolate and peanut butter. I didn’t think much about it so I just tossed it by the couch and figured I would pick it up later. Well, I forgot. Later this afternoon, I heard a rustling noise and noticed Brooks was eating something shiny. Instantly I realized he was eating peanut butter (he hasn’t had nuts yet!) and I jumped up to grab it from him. It was then that I decided to get my camera instead. The first two pictures are of him in the act and the last was after I took it away. I did give him a cracker to calm him down, but he wasn’t interested. He had a taste of the good stuff and a Ritz cracker just doesn’t compare. As of 2 hours later he still hasn’t reacted to the peanut butter, so I guess we must be safe.

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