September 30th – October 3rd marked the 25th annual Greek Festival in Atlanta. We love festivals – especially ones that celebrate exotic foods. It was a feast for all the senses! The smell of roasted meats and spices, the sound of traditional Greek music, the sight of many colorful costumes and scarves, the taste of amazing baklava, and the oily residue left on your hands because of the huge lamb sandwhich you just ate (it was soo delicious!) all made you feel that you were in Greece (a place we have never been but hope to go there soon).

Besides all the amazing food, music, clothing, and jewelry at the festival, we also came to see our neighbor (and babysitter), Yeoryia (pronounced like “Georgia” except with y’s) do traditional Greek dancing. Unfortunately we got there too late, but we were able to snap a quick shot with her.
Yes, this is a whole lamb on a spit.

Mark learned so much about Greek culture through our festival experience.

This is a dessert called loukoumades. It is a fritter with honey and cinnamon and a cup of super strong and sweet Greek coffee – a perfect combination.

Brooks has finally started to wave. This is him waving to me on the ride home. Thanks to this festival experience, I now have the confidence to order food in a Greek restaurant.
This video was also taken on the ride back home. He looooves to blow bubbles . . .

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