Happy Birthday Grandma!

After returning from Tallulah Falls, we greeted Grandma and Grandpa Ranalletta, Aunt Chris, Ruth, and Mimi. They came to see the little man, celebrate Grandma’s birthday, and see the new house.

Brooks was excited to see and ride the new toy they brought for him.

Brooks watching football with dad. They like to dress the same.

He really enjoyed his time with Grandma

and loved playing peek-a-boo with Grandpa. They were two peas in a pod.

The whole gang

We had a wonderful time celebrating with the family. We look forward to seeing them all again at Thanksgiving.
Below are two videos that I took over the weekend. He has begun to push his walker around using his feet instead of his knees. The video is of him enjoying his new toy train with Ruth and Dad.

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