The Aquarium

Atlanta is home to the biggest aquarium in the world and the only activity my sister requested when she came this past weekend. We were so excited to see Brooks’ first reaction to the huge fish and peaceful atmosphere. The picture below captures his enthusiasm for the aquarium.

He did wake-up 45 minutes later in time to look at . . .
a huge shark swimming over us.

In one of the exhibits, there was a huge tunnel through a huge tank that held the largest fish in the world (the whale shark).

feeding the fish

Can you find Brooks? (Hint: Look for his reflection)

Touching the sting rays (stingers removed)

Mark teaching Brooks all he knows about fish.

On the way back we made a quick stop at the famous Varsity (they have the best onion rings).

Later that evening we attended our town’s first annual music festival.

We had a wonderful time with Aunt Alissa (we did not get a new dog – its my sister’s puppy).

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