New Food, New Friends

We’ve been adding more foods to our list. One of those is sushi (okay, so there are no pieces of raw fish). He likes the avocado and cucumber and even the seaweed in the roll.

Another new favorite is grilled cheese. He doesn’t like plain cheese, but he loves it melted between two pieces of grilled bread.

For me, my new favorite is pimento cheese. I stumbled on this Southern delicacy a couple of years ago in North Carolina. Of course, it was accompanied by a fried green tomato and bacon. I instantly feel in love with the delicious cheese spread.
These pictures were taken at a great little cafe called Southern Sweets Bakery. We recently went there last week with our neighbors after a quick grocery trip to a fabulous Farmer’s Market (Dekalb Farmer’s Market). Its basically a cheaper version of Whole Foods in a Costco like warehouse.

And this is a new friend – Carter (his dad’s name is Brooks, which sometimes makes things confusing). Our neighbors have become like our family here and we are so grateful to have them across the street.

This picture was taken this weekend. Brooks is beginning to enjoy the piano as well as guitar. We are trying to broaden his musical taste.

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