This past week we were lucky enough to have 2 sets of visitors. Brooks loves new people (I think he gets bored with me), so this was an especially exciting week for him.
He got to eat his favorite, blueberries with his Aunt Jeri on Sunday (not pictured cousin Jen and Claire).
Then on Monday morning friends from Chicago – Lindsey and Caleb – came to visit for 3 days. Caleb was born on November 2, so he is about a month younger than Brooks. Brooks was really excited to wake up on Monday and have a friend his age to play with.

They did everything together . . . took baths,

(this little guy is so precious I had to include this picture)

ate together (notice Brooks’ leg – he has become a handful lately),

rode in the car,

and played together. They became fast friends and we were very sad to see them leave on Wednesday.

In other news we have 3 more teeth! (2 eye teeth on the top and one front tooth) They came in about 2 weeks ago. The other front tooth looks like it is ready to break through.

This is Brooks’ version of Peek-A-Boo.

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