New Obession

Grilled Pizza! How have I not tried this before? After seeing it demonstrated on T.V. and on someone’s blog, I thought we needed to give it a try. With every bite, I said, “isn’t this awesome” to Mark, who definetely agreed. And its so easy!

Cut a round of pizza dough in half (or quarters). Roll out until desired thickness. Brush oil on one side of round and on grill. Lay oiled side down on medium hot grill. Wait till the top starts to bubble (3-5 minutes), then flip over. If you want hot toppings (melted cheese, meat, etc.) quickly pile them on and close the grill for another 3 minutes (until cheese is melted). Then remove from grill. If you want to put on your toppings cold (like the picture), flip over the dough and wait 2 minutes and then remove. That’s it! I love it so much I will be making it for dinner tomorrow night with our neighbors.

In the picture, I used cherry tomatoes, arugula, olive oil, and a ricotta spread (made with ricotta, lemon zest, sun-dried tomatoes, basil, mint, parsley, olive oil).

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