Birthday Weekend

I love birthdays! – especially my own. I thought once I would get closer to thirty I might like them less, but this is not the case. I turned 29 on Sunday, which means its my last year in the twenties. To celebrate, I planned a full weekend of relaxing, going out to eat, and cupcakes.
Mark and I went on a date to an awesome place in Midtown. Brooks stayed with his first babysitter. It was a little nerve-wracking for me, but it turned out great and I hope we do it again.

As part of my weekend of relaxing, I let Mark do most of the childcare. He got up with Brooks in the morning, fed him breakfast, got him dressed, gave him baths, took him to garage sales, etc. This also meant we were on time for church (this rarely happens) since Mark is more efficient with time than I am. So we had enough time to take some family shots in the back yard.

To my surprise, on Tuesday I got a knock on the door and there sat . . .

a box of Georgetown Cupcakes!!!!

I was so excited I took pictures of the wrapping.

Not just one cupcake, but a dozen!!! My D.C. friends knew how much I missed my favorite cupcake place (since I have to see them on T.V., but not be able to enjoy them) so they decided to send me a whole box of these delicious treats.

Luckily, I had a friend to share them with. Since moving here, we have met some great friends with a boy only 2 weeks older than Brooks. His name is Griffin and he is quite a cutey.

As you can see by this picture, Brooks is pretty enamored with him. I think its because he can do cool tricks – like walking!

My 30th birthday has a lot to live up to.

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