Its Been A While

So we have finally made it. We are now residents of Hotlanta (actually a very cute, quaint suburb called Duluth). Its been a long wait, but its finally here! I haven’t had access to the internet for awhile, so I’ve got a lot of catching up to do . . .

The weeks leading up to our departure was full of so many goodbyes. After the first couple sad ones, I started to tell people, “see you later” because I we will be back to visit.

Brunch with Laura and Baby Will
Our 4th clan – Susan, Andrea, Emily, Megan, and Jenny

Goodbye kisses for Adelaide

and Elsie

luckily we were meet on the other side with hellos from Papa Randy

Brooks helping with the packing

In other news we are transitioning to finger foods and doing great with a sippy. I think he enjoys water more than milk.

Corn on the Cob! A favorite of mine at his age.

First Sunday in Atlanta (we were dressed extra fancy and Southern – we had to make a good first impression in the nursery). Also, its seems that Brooks is a southern name – we have meet two other Brooks since we’ve been here. I guess Brooks was always meant to be a Southern Boy.

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