Busy, Busy

With just under 3 weeks until our move, we have begun the sad task of saying goodbye.
A couple of weekends ago we had our last brunch with our friends the Polks. They have been amazing friends here in D.C. I can’t believe that Sadie (in the picture) was Brooks’ age when I first met her. We will miss you.
This last weekend some our friends hosted a surprise going away party.

It was so much fun, but also sad to think that we are leaving such a wonderful family.

On Saturday morning, we got up extra early to drive down to North Carolina for a wedding.
This picture sums up Brooks’ attitude for most of the car ride (he only slept an hour, at least he was happy.)

By the end of the day, we made it to Charlotte for the wedding and enjoyed a night out without Brooks (He had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa and I think they had a fun night with him, too).

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