Let’s Make a Deal

My husband loves a good deal. So if that means getting up at 6:30am on a Saturday morning to make it to a yard sale that starts at 7:30am (we ended up missing that one) sign him up! As the summer approaches the garage sales start to pop up. Then the Friday night planning begins to make sure he hits all the good sales on Saturday morning. I am not always invited to go on these adventures because I don’t have the stamina or vision he has to find the perfect deal (nothing makes him happier than a good deal). Even though I joke around about his hobby, I am proud of his skills and ability to get what we need or want while saving a penny or sometimes several dollars (a baby gate for $5!). Having a baby now makes our adventures a bit difficult. Not only do we now have strollers and car seats taking up precious space, but we have to work around naps and feeding schedules. Despite these challenges, I am proud to say my husband has found a way to make it all work.
This last weekend we went on our first trip of the year with the baby and found several good deals. Because we have two small vehicles we had to be creative packing it all in.
A list of items in our Buick:
1. Two adults
2. One baby with car seat
3. Two strollers
4. A mail organizer
5. A baby gate
6. A diaper bag
7. A booster seat
8. A dresser
Yes, I did have to sit with my feet on the seat crunched next to the car seat and Mark did have a baby gate in his face, but we made it home with all our good finds in stow. Can’t wait for our next trip!

By the way, does anyone want a wind surfer?

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