A Wonderful Weekend

Our weather has been so warm here that it finally feels like Spring is coming. The snow has almost melted and the birds have been chirping outside our windows every morning. It is truly a sign that summer is around the corner. We took advantage of this wonderful weather by getting out everyday this weekend. It gave us a chance to try out our new stroller (I never thought trying out a stroller could be so exciting).

On Saturday, we joined the Beglins and the Felts and went down to the National Harbor. It turned out to be a lot of fun despite the hoards of young cheerleaders distrubingly dressed in short skirts and eyeshadow. Apparently, there was a nation-wide cheerleading competition at the hotel on the harbor.

Elsie enjoying her meat at Elevation Burger (she takes after her mom, she loves meat).

Emily, Elsie, and I enjoying the view of the harbor.

We were surprised to find a store entirely dedicated to Peeps and Mike and Ikes.

A distrubing piece of art that resembles a man drowning? To make it even more strange there were children climbing all over it.

Ted, Emily, and I watching the fountains inside the Gaylord Resort.
On Sunday, we took a hike at Great Falls.

Later that evening, we went to our church’s evening service to attend Benton’s Baptism. Afterward, Brooks and him debated infant baptism at the Rio.

In other news, we are sitting up (kinda) and . . .

we are officially swaddle-free!

(I did put socks on him, but he somehow took them off before he fell asleep.)

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