Since Brooks was a newborn, we’ve been swaddling him for naps and night-time. He has always loved to be tightly wrapped and will sometimes smile when its time to put him in his swaddle. And its his cue that he will be sleeping soon. Normally, he is asleep within minutes of putting him in the swaddle and giving him a paci. Recently I’ve been wondering how long does he need this? He is getting stronger and I worry that he will roll over while sleeping in his swaddle (a very difficult feat since he can’t really move his legs or arms, but like any mother I worry, alot). I’ve asked veteran mommies how long they swaddled trying to gage when we will need to stop this practice. Most of the time the response is “when they are ready.” I was confused by this answer until last night.

At this point, we had been trying to put him to sleep for about 45 minutes. I decided at to bring him into the living room and let him hangout with us (I really wanted to watch the Olympics). I had re-swaddled him and within 5 minutes this is what he looked like (In case you haven’t seen a swaddler, both arms should be inside). He was so proud of himself. (See below)

Eventually after another 20 minutes of him singing and talking to himself, he finally gave up and so did dad.

I think Brooks is almost ready to sleep free-armed. He is growing up so quickly.

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