Trip to Gillespie

Most of you have heard that D.C. got slammed with two major storms within days of each other. I was lucky enough to leave before the first one arrived. Then on our way back from Illinois, I made it within hours of the second storm. This is what it looked like when I left . . .

and when I came back. (This picture was taken during the second storm)
While we were in Gillespie, IL we . . .
hung out with Papa Randy

went to lunch with Grammy

talked and laughed with Great-Aunt Terri

watched the snow with Grammy

was peacefully rocked by Great-Aunt Joni

watched some T.V. with Great-Grandpa Clyde

talked to Great-Grandma Clark

and smiled at Great-Grandma Gladys.
We had a wonderful time with my family, but were happy to make it back just in time to be snowed in with Dad (he has been off for four days – a D.C. all time record for the Federal Gov’t- and has been lonely without us). (We unfortunately forgot our camera when we visited with the Ranallettas so we have no pictures with them.)

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