I Love this kid

I love everything about this kid. I even find his tantrums amusing because its amazing that a 3 month old baby understands how to demand his wants and needs. Hopefully I can keep this perspective when he is 2 and doesn’t understand why he has to go to bad or why he can’t use markers to paint on his wall or . . . .

I also find babies’ butts and farts hilarious and adorable. When else in life can you find delight in these two potentially disgusting things? I have been waiting to take some naked shots of him until I could better predict his bowel movements. Some day he may be embarrassed that his mom posted naked pictures of him on the web, but I find nothing cuter than his round little bum. The video below was taken to show how much he smiles, but instead I captured him loudly filling his pants. I debated putting it online, but after some encouragement from friends I was ensured that many would find it funny. Enjoy!

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