3 Months!

On Sunday, Brooks turned 3 mths. I can’t believe that it has really gone by this fast. Someone told me before he was born that the days are slow but the months go fast. I now understand what she meant. Its hard to believe that we brought him home 3 mths ago. I was so nervous those first few weeks and worried about everything. This is still true, but I can now laugh and feel more confident in raising our strong-willed, spirited baby. Our little guy has grown so much (over 14 lbs now) and has handsomely filled out.
Here’s a few things he’s been up to:
– pulls toys to his mouth
– sits up with some assistance and can hold head up for long periods of time
– smiles and coos at strangers and clearly recognizes his mom and dad
-sleeping through the night (yeah!)
Over the weekend, Mark and I took Brooks back to Takoma Park to visit with some old friends
Our once upstairs neighbor, Erin
Liz (she was one of Brooks’ first visitors at the hospital)

Megan and Virginia (I love that you can see her smile through her paci)

and Dottie and Norah (this was one of several attempts to take a picture of these two)

Finally they held still so I could get a shot of their faces. Norah and Dottie were two of my little pupils at the Smithsonian two years ago.

Later that evening, Adalaide came over to watch a movie (after this shot Brooks flipped over and got so mad he screamed for several minutes – he has a temper)

The next few are some bonus pictures

I love this picture. He looks bored. Within a few minutes of this shot, Brooks went down for a much needed nap.
We love you little man!

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