Welcome 2010!

Hello 2010

On New’s Year Eve we went to our good friends the Mullas. After watching Virginia Tech blow out Tennessee we played games and visited until the ball dropped.

Luckily this is what Brooks did the entire time.

As the ball was dropping Brooks opened his eyes and I captured our last shot of 2009

and then our first shot of 2010.

The next day I hosted a New Year’s Day traditional meal of black-eyed peas and rice.

(the smoke is from the oil that was dripping from the roasted vegetables, oops)

I thought it would be appropriate for Brooks to start out the New Year in camo (thanks Aunt Bre and Uncle Josh).

The next day we met our first new friend of the new year, Bhagat (he is the son of my friend Amrit who I taught with at MLK). Once again, Brooks sleept the entire time.

Later that day, I hosted a party for our friend Ted. This is what the babies did most of the evening . . .



and sweet Adelaide

Because we had 12 adults and 4 children in our tiny living/dining room we had to bring in our lawn furniture for everyone to have a seat.

Happy Birthday Ted! (there are 31 candles on this cake)
Ted rides his bike from Falls Church into D.C. everyday rain or shine. He is so hard core that he has spikes on his bike tires for the ice. Who rides their bike in the ice? So this cake was perfect for Ted (thanks Emily!)

The Christensens got Ted the perfect tie.
In other news, look who can grab his toys . .

great job little guy.

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