Growing Boy

Brooks’ 2 mth birthday was yesterday, so he had to get three vacinations (one oral and two shots). I cried more than he did. He only noticed for about 10 seconds and was fine, while I in the corner (I couldn’t hold him on the table, I made Mark do it) had tears before he even knew what was happening. The nurse didn’t seem to mind. I’m sure I’m not the first to cry over their little one in pain. Eventhough the shot part was rough, I was overjoyed to hear the doctor compliment him on how strong and alert he was. I had one of those moments where you are so proud of your child that you don’t realize that you’ve been smiling and beaming for about 5 minutes and still replaying the words the doctor just said over and over in your mind. I’ve had many of these moments so far and I know I’ll have many more in the years to come.

His Stats: 11lbs 15oz. (50th percentile)

23 7/8 inches (75th percentile) and I don’t remember his head, but its average.

Brooks also is sleeping up to 7 hours every night! What a blessing. He is well on his way of sleeping through the night. The little guy also puts himself to sleep (most of the time).

The two videos I have attached are of him trying to flip over (he almost makes it) and one of him in his crib. He loves his crib and for awhile I didn’t understand what he could be smiling about until I realized that he can finally see pictures on the wall and that makes him very happy.

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