Scar Face

It is so hard for me to clip this little guys nails. In fact, I haven’t even attempted to trim them. I did feel bad until my mom couldn’t even do it. So, I file and occassionally try to nibble them off myself. Sometimes it just doesn’t do the trick and he ends up scratching his face. This has happened three times in the last two weeks. So now the poor little guy has three scabs on his face. The most recent one is right below his eye. He now looks like he’s been wounded in some fight. At least he’ll scare any bullies away because he looks like a tough cookie.

Over break we received some great presents. One of them was this adorable sweater and hat set from my sister Alissa. As you can see below, Brooks really likes it too!

Brooks has a very strong neck, which is the reason why I think he gave me such a hard time when he was born. He is even rolling from his stomach to his back. He started this about 2 weeks ago before we left for Thanksgiving. Maybe they are supposed to be doing this by this age? Even so, I was shocked when I walked into the living room and found him on his back when I had put him on his stomach. The video below demonstrates not only his ability to hold up his head for long periods (almost 5 minutes), but also how big it is in porportion to his body. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture his roll in this video. I’m still working on catching him in action.

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