On the Road Home

On the way back to D.C., we stopped in to see some dear friends in Columbus, OH. They welcomed us into their beautiful new home and gave us great food and a comfy place to rest. We hope to see them again soon. Thanks Josh and Katie! Brooks did great and slept most of the 7 hour drive. We feel so lucky to have a baby that does so well in the car.
The second leg of the journey wasn’t as pleasant as the first. Half-way home we stopped off at Cabella’s in West Virginia to rest. At this point, Brooks was still doing awesome (see video below). After this stop, he got a bit more restless. He got more and more irritated riding in his seat and the slow traffic into D.C. didn’t help. He then cried and screamed for about an hour and a half (I cried too). 10 hours and many tears later we finally made it home. We are beginning to rethink that drive back to Illinois for Christmas.

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