Happy Thanksgiving!

For this year’s celebration, we traveled across my homestate of Illinois. Our first stop was in Chicago and saw Mark’s family and some close friends, next we visited more family in Springfield, then stopped in the small community of Gillespie to see my parents and sisters, and lastly to my hometown of Pinckneyville. Along the way we . . .

were dressed in ridiculous, but cute outfits
relaxed with Aunt Bre

smiled! alot!

discovered we need a swing

laughed with friend Alison and soon-to-be baby Asuncion (due December 28th)

were loved by great-grandma Dempsay

meet super cool cousins, Claire and Lauren

ate turkey in a festive barn

shared some jokes with cousin Jennifer

cuddled with great-grandma Ranalletta

kicked it with Aunt Chris and Aunt Janice

met newly-weds Ryan and Allison

chatted with our first Illini buddy and friend, Caleb Scott

were rocked by great-grandma Carter

smiled at Aunt Jane

slept in closets
and played with Gammy Sherri and Papa Randy.

Overall we had a wonderful time! (not pictured was wonderful Aunt Alissa who adored Brooks, but unfortunately we don’t have any pictures of her because we lost our camera during our trip) I can’t believe our little guy did so well on our first cross-country trip and plane ride (although we haven’t driven back, I’m keeping my fingers crossed).

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