Whoa, look at that belly!

Recently I’ve been getting alot of questions and stares about the size of my belly. I went to the mall last night and felt very aware that I looked huge because of the looks I received. Wherever I go the first question is, “How do you feel?” I guess I look like I should be in some pain (which I am). I have felt Brooks’ trying to stretch out recently. I hope he realizes that there is no room left and he has to come out very soon.

We took this picture next to the White House tonight on hopefully one of our last outings without a little one. You can’t see it, but there is a full moon behind our heads. Our friends joked that this would be the night because of the size of the moon. Lets hope the old saying is true.

3 thoughts on “Whoa, look at that belly!

  1. My water broke and I went into labor on a full moon night – it's just funny that you mentioned that. Hopefully your next post is of Baby Brooks arrival! Good luck and best wishes!

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